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two years before the mast

A Tale of Two Cities two years before the mast
A Tale of Two Cities
Бренд: Пальмира

615 Руб.


Quantity 2 piece(s) Material Rubber Color Red Function Able to effectively prolong the life of the shock absorption for 2~3 years and protect the performance of the shock absorber and the suspension system; Able to effectively solve the problem of weak or rigid spring; Host the vehicle 2~3cm from the ground and improve the bearing capacity and steering ability of the vehicle; Able to lower the shake of the vehicle body and absorb the noise from the suspension system so as reduce noise and keep your car calm; Able to better the inclination and whipping during swerving to boost the comfort of driving and make driving interesting and at your pleasure able to effectively amortize absorb 0.8-2T instant impact pressure from the uneven road; Able to shorten the time improve the safety of driving Other Features Suitable for before Lexus RX300 after Lexus 400 before and later Buick Regal; After Buick LaCrosse after Excelle before and after Buick GL8 before and after New Buick GL8 before and after Buick business before and after Buick V6 before Volkswagen Sagitar before and after Volvo FORDT ESXPFDITON before Volvo S40 etc. Packing List 2 x Bumper retainers

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