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the southern kurdish population in the uk stay or return


Immigration of the Kurdish people from the South of Kurdistan to the UK has happened for some time, and many Kurdish immigrants live in UK cities. Every person and family has different reasons for migration to the host society. This research paper will build around some central research questions about this migration process to attempt to discover different motivations for migration in a range of different situations. Reasons for coming to the UK differ, and so do reasons for staying in the UK, and/or reasons for returning to the origin society. The semi-structured interview method was used to gather qualitative data from voluntary participants about their migration experience. Findings were analysed in terms of attitudes towards the host society and origin society, developing a detailed picture of Kurdish migration patterns. In order to put these findings into context, a review of literature that relates to the same topic will be done and findings and approaches of this literature will be compared and contrasted. It is hope that the benefit of this study will be to put light on the problems and motivations of Kurdish immigrants both leaving and returning to the South of Kurdistan.

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