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Material Zinc alloy + galvanized iron Brand N/A Model CR209 Color Silver + black + red Quantity 1 Remote Controlled distance No Voice Decibels No Power Supply No Battery Type No Certification CE Other The original pin of the lock is settled which is not changeable; Every lock has a unique pin; The pin is on the back of the lock; Remember 3 sets of number; Suppose that the pin is 18-29-6; Whirl the pin turntable: firstly whirl it 3 laps clockwise and stop at 18 secondly whirl it 1 lap counterclockwise when passing 18 stop at 29; finally whirl it at 6 clockwise and stop; Pull up the latch hook it would be unlocked. If locked pulled down the latch hook and disarrange the turntable Packing List 1 x Round turntable pin lock

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