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international trade opportunities


By no fault of theirs some countries have no direct access to the sea and have to depend on the territories of other countries in order to participate in International Trade without which no country can survive. This book throws light on the Transit Trade in West Africa, the business opportunities it provides for the neighbouring port-states of the three Landlocked countries in West Africa with emphasis on Ghana and how the business is perceived and handled in that country. The book looks at the genesis of the Transit Trade in Ghana, how it was handled, benefits that could be derived and identifies the competitive advantage of Ghana over its competitors. This book should be useful to all who have interest in the Transit Trade in West Africa especially multinational companies looking for opportunities in multi-modal transportation and are ready to team up with the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority to develop the trade so as to reduce the cost of import products to and export products from the landlocked countries making them competitive on the International Market to the benefit of all, including the poor in the landlocked countries who are already among the poorest in the world.

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