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hipc initiative

CMW CM310 300W 100mm hipc initiative
CMW CM310 300W 100mm
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This book examines a Presidential Special Initiative on Cassava-Starch in Ghana and the extent to which it has been able to improve the socio-economic livelihoods of peasant farmers. It looks at the effect of the initiative on cassava production and peasant involvement in the initiative. It acknowledges the fact that the processes of globalization come with opportunities for export as well as risks, hence, the need for state initiatives that maximize the opportunities of globalization whilst minimizing the risks. It notes that whilst the PSI on cassava-starch is a well intentioned local initiative towards improving rural farm incomes, its implementation has not been smooth. It draws attention to key lessons that can guide the implementation of state policy initiatives aimed at transforming the livelihood of rural farmers in Ghana and the developing world in general.

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