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external debt and economic growth in sub saharan africa


The book is divided in two parts. The first analyzes macro-issues and government policies. It begins with analyzing the effects of the global financial crisis of 2008 on Sub-Saharan African economies. It also looks at global private capital flows for development finance in Sub-Saharan Africa with focus on best performing economies. This is followed by a review of the sources of global private capital and implications for Sub-Saharan Africa. Moreover, the financial sector and capital account liberalization in economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa are discussed. Finally, strategies to market Sub-Saharan African economies and create wealth are outlined. The Second section of the book focuses on micro-issues such as individuals and firms and their role in economic development. It starts with an analysis of self-management and personal leadership of highly effective people and implications for political and business leaders in Sub-Saharan Africa. Also discussed are the role of conflict in organizations, exemplary leaders in organizations, firm innovations,and the process of entrepreneurial opportunity-identification with implications for Sub-Saharan African businesses.

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