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earliness in tuberose flower


Tuberose is most important cut flower not only due to its white color flowers, attractive spike and delightful fragrance, but ease cultivation and wide adaptability to varying soils and agro-climatic conditions. For commercial flower production, the important objectives are increased flower production, quality of flowers and perfection in the form of plants. The quality of cut flowers is greatly influenced by climatic, geographical and nutritional factors. Out of them, nutritional factor is playing a major role. At present, nutrients are supplied through chemical fertilizers. The indiscriminate and continuous use of chemical fertilizers has leaded to an imbalance of nutrients in soil which has an adversely effected the soil health, affecting the yield and quality of the product. Therefore, with knowledge on integrated nutrient management, cultivation of crop gives better quality, maximum yield per unit area, reduces the cost of chemical fertilizers as well as improves the quality of soil. The research work at various levels shows that the application of organic manure and biofertilizer with reduce dose of chemical fertilizer improve the quality and production of the tuberose flower

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