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determinants of debt maturity in indian corporate sector


The financial crises demonstrated that too much reliance on banks may lead economies on a slower and volatile path to prosperity. Domestic bond markets markedly increase the resilience of a country’s financial system and insulate it against external shocks . The ability of the US corporate bond market to tackle the banking crisis is a constructive and shining example. A developing country like Bangladesh may find out the relevance US experiences in developing its corporate bond market. This book focuses on structure of the US corporate debt market; the relative roles of equity, bank loans and corporate bond on US economic growth;relevant key issues of a corporate bond market in the light of US experiences and puts forward a set of policy suggestions necessary for developing a corporate bond market in a country like Bangladesh. This book is significant for government, financial institutions,corporate sector, researchers and students in the discipline of finance and banking at large. It may be of immense help for the regulator and regulated of the financial sector of a developing country, if it wants to develop bond markets to enable firms to tap funds from the capital market.

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