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build up self confindence


A lot of people have questions about confidence. where it comes from? what it actually is? and how to get more ? We can appreciate how valid all these questions are when we consider the power of self-confidence in our life.In reality, self confidence is often a more important asset than skill, knowledge, or even experience. Confidence creates trust, and everyone wants to be able to trust the people they do business with, become friends with, and fall in love with. If you want to be trusted by others, you must first trust yourself.A low self confidence can affect your relationships and career in life, so lack of self confidence also affect your performance in sports. Having a lack of self confidence is the greatest barrier that prevents athletes from achieving their peak performance. Competitive confidence is not built up overnight; it is something that is accumulated through years of practice and success.Champion athletes are able to be champions because they believe that they are the best in the world. Having a strong sense of self confidence in sports is important, and the best way to improve it is by having a positive self image.Therefore Scholar was keen to take this study.

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