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bolton s norms for hyderabad population


Space analysis in the mixed dentition is an important aspect of orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. Maintaining space allows many patients to obtain good occlusion and roper growth and facial development1. The mixed dentition arch analysis is an important criterion in determining whether the treatment plan is going to involve serial extraction, guidance of eruption, space maintenance, space regaining or just periodic observation of the patients. The aim of this study was to establish and elaborate mixed dentition prediction tables for Hyderabad population because there are definite racial differences with respect to tooth size10, 12-17. OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study were:- 1.To produce odontometric data for Hyderabad population; 2.To construct probability tables for Hyderabad population; 3.To determine coefficients of correlation between the combined mesio-distal widths of the permanent mandibular incisors and the canine and first and second premolars of the maxillary and mandibular quadrants; 4.To test the reliability of both the Moyers6 and the Tanaka and Johnston7 methods in Hyderabad population.

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