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a microcontroller based ultrasonic system to help blind people


The project covers the designing and developing of a complete solar energy based system. It consists of designing of a solar panel & the mechanism that supports the panel and the motion of the DC motor. It also includes solar tracking system which consists of two light dependent resistors (LDR's). As different light intensity falls on both LDR’s, a voltage comparator is required which compares the high and low voltages. The LDR's are connected to two transistors which are further connected to a 89c51 microcontroller. When the microcontroller gets any logic low at a port, it will give a high output accordingly on the corresponding port. In the charge controller, the system operating input voltage control consists of a relay whose function is to switch between the battery voltage & the main power after converting it into DC. To shift the load from the main power to the inverter, a load shift circuit is used. Two charging circuits are also involved in the system. In the overcharging & full charging circuit, the maximum point of voltage was set to 14 volts due to which the system can be managed between 12-14 volts whereas the discharging circuit prevents the discharging of the battery.

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